A new approach to senior living…

Cadence Independent Living rental cottages offer a luxurious senior living environment within the neighboring Cadence community. This new approach to senior living blurs the lines between residence and resort that allows you to live independently in a single-family style home. The community living services include daily dining experience, housekeeping and an emergency call pendant with many other convenient resident services available. Additionally, all basic utilities, HOA fees, and landscape maintenance are also included. Live your Cadence life…sit back and relax!

Independent Living Communities in Meridian ID

The communities we participate in will inevitably change as we enter into different seasons of life. However, no matter how they change, being a part of a healthy community is always important.

Surrounding yourself with neighbors who are going through similar and shared moments can be so meaningful.  At Cadence Independent Living, our independent living communities cater to those looking to flourish in living arrangements that keep them close to others who they can connect with.

What is Senior Independent Living?

Older individuals who are looking to be a part of a community with others who are in a similar season of life will often find senior independent living options to be the right choice. These highly social living setups provide residents with ways to pursue their interests together, all while connecting with new friends and neighbors at their own pace.

Senior independent living communities offer residents the freedom that they deserve to live their daily lives as they’d like, all while incorporating some convenient extras that create time and space for social connections to occur. Daily responsibilities like transportation, cooking, and cleaning are taken care of for residents, who can instead spend their time in preplanned social events or hobbies.

In general, Boise senior independent living communities are ideal for older individuals who prefer to remain active. They’re well suited for those who can easily perform their own daily care activities like dressing, grooming, and bathing without assistance.

Benefits of Independent Living

When you’re searching for a Boise senior independent living setup that will work for you, it’s important to take some time to evaluate your needs. Most of the time, an independent living community will be the right option for a retiree who has the mental and physical capacity to live on his or her own.

Most people who seek out Boise senior independent living communities do so to connect with people that are their own age. They’re also frequently looking for a vibrant and communal atmosphere to call home.

Reach Out Today

The decision to move into an independent living community is an important one that’s often preceded by plenty of meaningful thought and reflection. Often, just having someone caring and insightful to speak to can help our prospective residents to make a choice that can change their life.

There are many reasons to move into a senior living community. At Cadence Independent Living, we understand what a personal and important choice it can be. We firmly believe that becoming a part of a community where you’re encouraged to thrive alongside others is an amazing gift.

Whether you’re just starting to look for more information on independent living or have questions about Cadence Independent Living and the ways that we set ourselves apart, we’re never more than a phone call away. Contact us today to speak with one of our team members about the senior living options we provide.



Once Daily Dining Experience (additional meals available)

Twice Monthly Housekeeping

24 Hour Emergency Pendant Services

Landscape Maintenance

Home Repair and Upkeep:

  • Seasonal Heating and Cooling System Service
  • Furnace Filter Replacement
  • Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detector Batteries
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